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Best quality baby products from Japan
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We offer best baby products
Best quality baby Infant Formula from Japan
Infant Formula - balanced nutrition for healthy babies
We offer best baby products
Information about infant fomulas-Meiji "Hohoemi" and " Step"

Balanced nutrition for healthy babies

Our first infant formula was released in 1923, which was followed in 1951 by Soft Curd Meiji Infant Formula. Subsequently renamed Meiji Hohoemi, this formula can be used as both a supplement and replacement for breast milk through a baby's first year. After that it can be replaced by Step up through age three. Meiji infant formulas are formulated with the goal of helping babies grow as if fed breast milk, and are supported by our own surveys of 200,000 children and 4,000 mothers that compared growth between babies who were weaned from the bottle and those from mother's milk. As producer of the world's first cubed-shaped infant formula, Meiji makes feeding time easier than ever by greatly reducing the chance of spilled powder.
Meiji has conducted R&D on infant formula for over 90 years, with dedication to ensuring the healthy growth of babies. Meiji is devoted to the science of mother's milk, aiming to create a formula that lets formula-fed babies grow just as healthy as those who are fed mother's milk. Meiji does this by formulating ingredients as closely resembling the composition of mother's milk as possible. As part of the Mother's Milk Evaluation, in which mother's milk from more than 4,000 mothers was analyzed, a Growth Study has been conducted over a period of 40 plus years, and the growth of over 200,000 babies has been monitored.
Meiji Hohoemi
*1: Based on a study by Meiji (as of September 2013)
*2: With respect to the amounts of arachidonic acid and DHA added to infant formulas that are produced in Japan
*3: Infant formulas that are formulated with quantities of arachidonic acid up to the range found in mother's milk
*4: Infant formulas produced in Japan that are formulated with quantities of arachidonic acid and those with DHA up to the range found in mother's milk
*5: Yen-based manufacturer market share (based on yen amount) of infant formula for babies between April 2016 and March 2017, based on a survey of all business categories, including baby specialty stores, by Intage SDI
Meiji Hohoemi is formulated not only with ingredients that help support babies' growth, but also with reduced amounts of ingredients that do not exist in mother's milk. Milk proteins consist largely of casein and whey protein. The total amount of these two types of proteins in Meiji Hohoemi is approximately the same as in mother's milk.
Arachidonic acid (ARA) is present in animal-based foods, such as pork, beef, liver, chicken eggs, chicken thighs and fish. It has been receiving much attention lately as an essential nutrient that helps support the development and growth of babies. Meiji Hohoemi is the only infant formula in Japan that is formulated with quantities of arachidonic acid reaching the range found in mother's milk.
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is well known as a lipid found in large quantities in tuna and other fatty fish. Similarly to arachidonic acid, it is an essential nutrient for the development of babies. Meiji Hohoemi is the only infant formula that is formulated with quantities of DHA reaching the range found in mother's milk.

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Information about infant fomulas - BeanStalk "Sukoyaka M1" and " Tsuyoiko"

BeanStalk "Sukoyaka M1" and " Tsuyoiko"

Beanstalk is the only formula milk in Japan that has RNA, a nucleotide found in breastmilk which boosts the immune system and supports digestive health.
BeanStalk utilize breast milk research results of more than half a century and incorporate ingredients contained in breast milk.
"Learning from breast milk and making use of its results". It is what we cherish the most to deliver powdered milk that you can use with confidence.
We are committed to discovering important ingredients in healthy baby's healthy growth from breast milk and incorporating the ingredients chosen under strict standards into powdered milk from the first nationwide breast milk investigation in Japan in 1960, So far we have realized the formulation of milk components such as ribonucleic acid, oligosaccharide and sialic acid. For the baby, and for the mother. We will continue to develop products that make use of breast milk research.

BeanStalk "Sukoyaka M1"
A manufacturer which has spent more than fifty years researching breast milk and its components, BeanStalk is used by many hospitals. BeanStalk is known for its high quality ingredients which are very similar to the components of breast milk. It is also recommended for mothers who intended to supplement feedings with formula.
BeanStalk "Tsuyoiko"
Tsuyoiko stands out from other follow-up milk formulas as it contains 5.4 milligrams of iron and 40 milligrams of DHA in the daily recommended intake of 400 milliliters.
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Information about infant fomulas - WAKODO " HAIHAI" and "GUNGUN"
Infant Fomula
HAIHAI is created to be close to the composition of breast milk, with babies and mothers in mind. HAIHAI has reduced β-lactoglobulin, which is not found in breast milk, and contains added lactoferrin, a constituent of breast milk. It also contains DHA and arachidonic acid, which are important for baby's growth and development, and galacto-oligosaccharides, which are present in breast milk. HAIHAI is an infant formula that has been developed based on our long years of study into breast milk and state-of-the-art knowledge about infant nutrition. It is a product that can be used with peace of mind if mothers own milk is insufficient or if they cannot breast feed. 【NET WEIGHT】 810g

Follow-up Milk
GUNGUN 830g At around the nine-month stage of a baby's growth, when they move on to solid foods three times a day, it is important to provide well-balanced nutrition. GUNGUN is a delicious, nutritious follow-up milk that is rich in calcium, which tends to be lacking when babies are weaning, and is also enriched with other nutrients such as iron and DHA, which are difficult to acquire from cow's milk. 【NET WEIGHT】 830g
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Parents of babies with allergies or special dietary needs may wonder which brands in Japan are best for a baby's growth and development.
Choices for Babies with Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

1.BeanStalk "Pepdiett"
Pepdiett is specially formulated for babies who have milk allergies, are lactose intolerant, or have galactosemia.

2.Meiji Elemental Formula
Elemental Formula is designed for babies with milk and soybean allergies, as well as those who have galactosemia. Only available in stick format.

3. Meiji Milfy HP
Milfy is an easily digestible formula recommended for babies who are allergic to milk, eggs, and/or soybeans.

4. Morinaga MA-mi
MA-mi is a well-known choice produced by Meiji for babies who have a milk allergy.

5 Morinaga NONLACT
NONLACT contains no lactose, so it is ideal for babies who suffer from galactosemia or are lactose intolerant.

6. Wakodo Bonlact-i
Bonlact-i contans no traces of milk products and is made from soybeans. It can also be given to low-birth weight infants as well.
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