Combi High-Low Bed & Chair Nemulila Egg Shock (Handy Type)

High-Low Bed & Chair Nemulila Egg Shock (Handy Type).

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Handy Type.
2 in 1 Combi High Low Bed and Chair, a portable bed and a high chair for your baby Functions as a comfortable portable bed and high feeding chair. Comes with 5 levels reclining positions and 5 points protection belt to protect overall baby's body gently
(2 colors availabe)
Product Features:
  • Bed time: W520×D690~865×H690~1020mm
  • When Chair: W520×D835~880×H410~740mm
  • Weight : 9.0 kg.
  • Baby Age : Newborn up to 4 years old
  • 5 Levels : (110 ° 120 ° 130 ° 145 ° 170 °)
  • Swing slowly only part of the horizontal bed. Chitsukimasu baby feels comfortable.
  • Sensitive and delicate baby's brain is also a small vibration (head) was born to protect the structure. Incorporating a foam material, effectively absorb the vibration.
  • Spontaneous natural style "upper body type W,
  • Also change the angle of the backrest angle to fit the head guard. Svndumpfilter baby's neck and unreasonable attitude in any angle.
  • Table can be removed, since the start of baby food a big success.
  • You can also feel free to wash, comfortable baby heavy sweater. Gently wraps the baby in a soft feel.