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Stroller Aprica Laxuna Dual 2017 model

Stroller Aprica Laxuna Dual 2017 model

1150 USD
Stroller Aprica Laxuna Dual 2017 model
(Total Protect System)

Equipped with "dual" function which makes it possible to face both the face and back of Laxuna of an auto four wheel stroller.
Since you do not have to switch the handle, you can now do the folding work very well, without taking the place.
Because the handle part where mommy grasps is using a leather material with a sense of quality, the fancy feeling of the going out is also up!
Since it also supports the carry travel system, it is going to be more enjoyable to go out with a baby.

It can be fold in both face to face and back
Go out more smoothly

If it is Laxuna dual, it will keep it in face-to-face style.
Since there is no need to purposely switch the handle, it is safe to respond immediately when the folding location is limited or suddenly hugging.
Back time

Easy design to pull back quickly with one touch. So, while holding it, it's happy with one hand. Because it is independent, it is not troubled for storage.

Smooth pushing comfort
Auto 4 wheels

Whether you face to face or back, the front wheels become free in conjunction with the handle change, so always turning and easy to push, auto 4 wheels.

Even though the baby is asleep while you are out, there are lots of scenes that you have to fold up on the stroller, such as trains and stairs. In such a case, if it is Raxuna dual, which corresponds to "Carry Travel System (CTS)", it will be put on by the hugs * 1, so do not interrupt and hold on to your hug.
Babies are comfortable in any situation and mama is safe.

Product Features:
  • Weight only 5.7 kg (very light!)
  • Seat recline angles: 120-170 degrees
  • Face-to-face style - It can be fold in both face to face and back
  • High Seat of 56cm from the ground
  • Full range hood - capsule multi hood
  • One hand folds and unfolds
  • Multi-positions reclining seat
  • Solid belt pad in 5 point to avoid compression of the abdominal area
  • Reversible and adjustable handle with height adjustment system
  • Ventilation seat system
  • Medical Growth Mamol, the cushion to support proper position of baby
  • Auto 4-caster wheel function
  • Ideal product frame designed with pursuit of maneuverability
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Newborn to 3 years of age
  • Weight Recommendation: Up to 15kg
  • Stroller size:
  • Open   W480×D875~990×H985~1005(mm)
  • Close  W480×D450~600×H900~1025(mm)
    • NOTE! The adjustable

    Baby Carrier Aprica Colan CTS

    is sold separately


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