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1100 USD

Delivery information:
If you are from USA please buy the delivery for this item additionally here  To buy shipping to USA for the car seat  Your order will be sent to USA via Europe.

For the customers from Europe the delivery price is included in the item price already.

Available in 2 colors:
Heazel Black
Cinnamon Brown

European standards (ECE-R44 / 04) compliant products. In a posture of mom's hand, sleeping soundly comfortable Onen'ne "Mom of hand cushion" flat "". Hug the left rotation with one hand, even down put breeze "breeze flipping turn".
Can be adjusted to match the orientation of the sun "wide sunshade".
Performance for heavy sweater baby "silky and air system".
Also drooling and eating spilled, wash Te Pattohazushi "W Easy washable cover".
Easy adjustment even if children fall asleep "comfortably reclining lever".
Shock-absorbing mechanism "baby catch". It was just in case of a side impact "Big-side guard."
Recommended age and weight from birth to 4 years, from 2.5 - 18 kg.
Armchair weight: 14.0 kg.
The angles of inclination of the back:

     the direction of travel - 3
     counter-movement (no one chair in the world) - 3 (position - relax, comfort, standard)
     360˚ swivel bowl
     360˚ swivel bowl makes it easy getting in and out of the child.
     Changing the angle of rotation and with one hand
     Change the angle of inclination and rotation by pressing keys (two adjacent) that allows you to control the car seat with one hand.
     New washable high-quality materials protect against vibrations and shocks when driving, thereby reducing the load on the spine of the baby. Provided a removable soft liner, it will reliably protect the child's head.
     Hood with windows
     The chair is equipped with a bonnet that protects the baby from 96% of UV rays. The windows on the bonnet it possible to observe the child, as well as create additional ventilation in hot weather.
     Side panels Headrest
     Shock absorbing side tabs headrest car seat child protection in side crashes.
     Emphasis on the floor
     Foot way to the floor provides additional support. The length of the legs can be adjusted to the features of the vehicle to provide the greatest support and security.
     Belt buckle with color indicator
     If the belts are fastened correctly, the indicator color changes from red to green.
     adjustable headrest
     The headrest has 8 positions of adjustment, enabling to adjust the seat under the anatomical features of your child.

・TCSR : "TRL Child Seat Rating" Assessments by Transport Research Laboratory(UK) ・JNCAP : Assesment by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid (Japan)


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