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Baby Carrier Combi Ninna Nanna Satto Fit 4Way SM-D

Baby Carrier Combi Ninna Nanna Satto Fit 4Way SM-D

300 USD
Baby Carrier Combi Ninna Nanna Satto Fit 4Way SM-D.

Awailable in 4 colors:

New unique design "Triple Support" was created specifically for the uniform distribution of the load on the entire back of parents, removing it from the muscles of the shoulder and waist area.
Exclusive model "
Combi Ninna Nanna Satto Fit"» allows you to carry your baby from birth to four different positions, depending on age:
3-point load distribution - on the waist, shoulders and lower back.

     horizontal (birth to 7 kg)
     vertical face to afford (7 to 13 kg)
     vertical forward face (7 to 13 kg)
     behind (from 10 to 15 kg).

     Dress up or remove portability in 15 seconds, and in a horizontal position comfortably feed your baby!

     Key Features:

     1. Flat bed which is formed by a liner for a newborn. Good support for back and head your baby.
     2. With soft but dense surface and is designed in such a way that ensures the correct anatomical position of the child in a backpack.
     3. Special filler in the insert for newborns, vibration damping.
     4. Soft, protective bumpers to protect the baby's head.
     5. Quick and easy to use: easy to put the baby seat or in any conditions!
     6. Secure "breathable" materials 3D, free flowing of air!
     7. Wide, soft shoulder straps.
      8. Proper distribution of strain on your back.
     9. Kangaroo unbuttoned one movement, with one hand.
     10. Easy care: machine wash at the usual 30-40 *


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